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AMIcast - Episode 7 - Amiga 30 years Germany

Quick and dirty records from the Amiga 30 years part in Germany. During show I made a short interviews with some guests.
The quality of sound is not so good, sorry for that. But I think you will enjoy with short interviews. You will learn a lot of different point of views of most important Amiga celebrities.Topics are covering stuff from a new hardware to the advices how to keep future of our platform.
Also I hope community can learn from this speeches something for the next 30 years of Amiga.

The guests list:
  • Trevor Dickinson / A-EON,
  • Christian Zigotzky / A1222 Tabor (new Amiga board),
  • Daniel Müßener / Cherry Darling,
  • Antoine Dubourg / SoundBankster (MorphOS),
  • Jacek Piszczek / MorphOS,
  • Hogne Titlestad / FriendOS (UP),
  • Costel Mincea / Hyperion Entertainment (AmigaOS 4),
  • Hans-Jörg Frieden / Frieden brothers (AmigaOS 4),
  • Petro Tyschtschenko / Commodore International/Amiga Technologies,
  • RJ Mical / Inventor (of: Amiga, Atari Lynx etc.), work at Google,
  • Mike Battilana / Cloanto (Amiga Forever).

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