sobota, 30 kwietnia 2016

AMIcast - Text Interview 5 - Toni Wilen

Another text interview and another great guest! I'm very proud to have Toni Wilen as my guest! The guy that makes for us WinUAE, even with PowerPC emulation. And before there were more tools. Do you remember FileMaster?

poniedziałek, 18 kwietnia 2016

AMIcast - Special Episode 3 - ACM 2016 Germany

This special episode is a report from 5th Alternatives Computer Meeting 2016 in Germany, Wolfsburg. Warning: audio quality is not so high... Sorry, real life recording. :)

5th Alternatives Computer Meeting 2016 Germany

At 8-10th April there was a 5th Alternatives Computer Meeting in Wolfsburg/Germany. Last year I was there to make an interview with Petro Tyschtschenko, this year I was there whole weekend with my Amiga 2000 and MacBook Air running AmigaOS 4.1.

Thanks to Kymon Zonias I have updated post with some photos of first AmigaOne for A1200 and Engine-X from Entwickler X.