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AMIcast - Text Interview 12 - Boing Attitude - software house for Amiga and more

Software from Glames is around us for some years. Boing Attitude is responsible for education/games software like: Ask Me Up and great file manager Dir Me Up. Besides of Amiga, Boing Attitude is creating apps for another system like MS Windows or Android.

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AmiWigilia Odcinek 30 - Adam Mierzwa

Jubileuszowy odcinek AmiWigilii - 30! Moim gościem jest znany amigowy bloger Adam Mierzwa. Na jego blogu dowiecie się wielu ciekawych rzeczy na temat AmigaOS 4, ale także na temat rozbudowy sprzętu, czy ogólnie pojętej publicystyki.

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Summary of 2017 and plans for 2018

Another year for the Amiga has passed. Let's see what happened and what did not...

My previous summaries are originally written in polish! The translated version is not perfect!:
But, it can give a full picture of where (in my opinion) our (however, we are defining) Amiga goes.

All this is only my point of view. I'm focuses on the (potential) development of the Amiga. I don't pay attention to nostalgia. Therefore, the conclusions are controversial. Probably many of you may not agree with them.