niedziela, 7 maja 2017

AMIcast - Episode 23 - Jarlath Reidy - Amiga Ireland Meetup

Welcome. Episode No 23 is here. Today our guest is Jarlath Reidy. He is from Ireland and you should already know, he is one of the guys behind Amiga Ireland Meetup. It's a great party, let's talk about it and more.

sobota, 22 kwietnia 2017

AmiWigilia - Odcinek 25 - Bitcoin z Krashan

Zapraszam was na świetną rozmowę z Krashanem. Było on już moim gościem, w 8 odcinku podcastu. Tam zapowiedzieliśmy, że musiby się spotkać ponownie aby porozmawiać o kryptowalucie jaką jest Bitcoin. A że kasa to nie wszystko, druga część rozmowy to oczywiście Amiga w całej jej rozciągłości. :)

czwartek, 20 kwietnia 2017

AMIcast - Episode 22 - Eric - fresh Amiga user!

Have you ever thought about new Amiga user? Are they existing? Fresh and new in Amiga(NG) community? Yes, there is at least one! My guest is Eric 'Slygon' (from and his first Amiga computer is AmigaOne X5000!

AmigaOne X5000 - first impression

Yes. Finally! Wasn't easy, but I have my new, shiny AmigaOne X5000. So let's take a look at it!
Many were waiting for the day when new and strong Amiga(One) will appear. That happened now. Currently, the X5000 can be purchased with the dual-core processor. In the future, a more powerful machine will be available. Is it worth buying the current model or wait for a four-core version?

poniedziałek, 10 kwietnia 2017

AMIcast - Text Interview 8 - Norbert Kett

After some time, we have new text interview. My guest is Norbert Kett in real life Lead programmer / 4Flash company. In Amiga scene, he is responsible for Amiga Cloud Handlers and he wants to give us OpenGL for Vampire turbo cards.