piątek, 20 listopada 2015

Qupzilla for AmigaOS?

Qupzilla is lightweight Webkit-based browser. It's using Qt4 libraries. And Qt 4.7 is available for AmigaOS 4 (and in future Qt5 will be present for other amiga systems). Few days ago new version of Qupzilla has been ported for OS/2...
So there is one question: why not for Amiga? This browser is also available for Haiku OS (and of course other mainstream systems). And it has all what we need bookmarks, history, tabs, AdBlock plugin and speed dial. Main developer is David Rosca, so maybe it is good option the community to contact him?

Odyssey web browser is getting to be outdated... I'm not developer, but maybe Qupzilla project is change for Amiga to get new and update browser? Maybe we should create a bounty for that?

And some screenshot from OS X version:
And the blogger is working!

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