poniedziałek, 8 lutego 2016

Support Amiga guy in his fight for a son!

I want ask you to support one kid - Wiktor, who is fighting with his illness! His father is one of the most know polish Amiga user and and supporting our platform since years! His son also loves and plays on the Amiga. Let's support them!
The boy almost from birth breathing thanks to the tracheostomy tube. He has diagnosed autism and epilepsy. As if all this were not enough, in 2013 boy as a result of epilepsy attack, fell into coma from which he woke up after a month and since then is extensively rehabilitated.
That the tube could be removed, the boy must learn to properly swallow liquids - need long-term therapy supervised by neuropathologist. The cost which is estimated at 8500 zł (about 2000 Euro) is too high for his parents.

So if you can support Amiga guy in his fight, please do it. Let the Amiga spirit works again!

It's done. Thanks for everyone!

You can do it through this link: putting the amount in polish zloty and clicking Przejdź dalej. All can be done by PayPal:

Only amiga makes it possible!

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