poniedziałek, 18 kwietnia 2016

AMIcast - Special Episode 3 - ACM 2016 Germany

This special episode is a report from 5th Alternatives Computer Meeting 2016 in Germany, Wolfsburg. Warning: audio quality is not so high... Sorry, real life recording. :)
This episode includes:
  • interview with guys behind party,
  • audio parts of streaming: Sonnet PowerPC and Vampire,
  • short speech/progress update from Dennis - SonnetPPC.
Videos from streaming are here:
  • Sonnet PowerPC - software for WarpUP and 68k emulation:

  • Vampire II in action:

The episode has a background music from VjDominion and at the end great song from Moby, from his album:# Final Swap (Ludum Dare #31) - #Farewell, my friends.


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