niedziela, 11 czerwca 2017

AMIcast - Player for Amiga systems!

I'm proud to present new and fresh AMIcast Player. It can be downloaded from Aminet for AmigaOS 4 and 3, MorphOS and AROS.
Program is made by Hollywood Designer. Let's say this is a proof of concept. If I could write code (in Hollywood only) it would be better. :)For now enjoin of direct streaming and downloading of episodes. Apps still is in a beta stage, but most of errors were eliminated through beta tests:
AMIcast Player requires: AVCodec (plugin for MP3), HTTPStreamer (plugin for online streaming) and OpenURL (opening links).
Hardware requires: any NG system, but for classic Amiga a gfx card is necessary.


4 komentarze:

  1. Można dodać przewijanie odtwarzania, cofanie, zapisywanie i odtwarzanie od zapisanej wcześniej pozycji tzw. audo tag. Obsługa AmiAmp czy WinAmp jest zbyt skomplikowana :-)

    1. Ha, pewnie można, ale tego w Designer raczej nie zrobisz. A programista ze mnie żaden...

  2. You see that is pretty important to have such sites where one tells you about such great sysytems.

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