niedziela, 30 lipca 2017

AMIcast - Episode 24 - Jon Lennart Aasenden - Amibian.js

Almost 3 hours of great interview with Jon Lennart Aasenden! Member of Alpha Flight and later Quartex! Now he is developing Amibian.js!

We are talking of course about Amibian.js, but also what is a difference between Amibian and Amibian.js. Between Amibian.js and FriendUP. There are topics about Quartex, crack scene and very technical stuff like object pascal, 68k assembler, C, C# and more. Heavy? :) This isn't all! What about future for Amiga(OS)? Why Java Script is a must have for Amiga, and why Pascal is important. Is it really so hard to bring modern software for Amiga computers? All this and more is proudly present by my guest and a little bit me. :)

At the end, the great song by Moby, from the album: Amiga Days (Remasters) - Volume 3 - Jazzy.


4 komentarze:

  1. Good interview. Massive amount of information pass in best possible way (for newbie like me) to understand. Jon's positive attitude brings huge amount of hope for ng machines. Many Thanks!

  2. Free, no I'm so willing to pay any develope. But when I see something has not been updated since 2012 I wonder, is this person even still around anymore?

    1. Why not pay some small $$? We pay for hardware, software is important too.
      And of course, when is no updated for 4-5 years for me software is dead.