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Amiga 30th Amsterdam 2015 - Impressions

It was a great time for all Amiga fans over the world. Especially when you were here, at 30 years celebration in Amsterdam.

During event a stream some of it thanks to the Periscope. Now materials are available on YouTube. Sorry for quality, it is not so good, but at least you have chance to see some parts of event. :)

The party place The Lighthouse was nice, divided for two main parts:

  • Club - with main events/speeches and shows,
  • Tent - with place for computers and VIP too,
  • Open air - with tables, sunbeds etc.
There was also a WiFi, but get password for it was not so easy. And organizers did not know the magic letters to grant access. :) At the end I was possible to connect me to the internet in the club, but not in the tent. Thanks that the streaming was possible. This means such events should have always a internet access for all guests.

Whole event was full of VIPs speeches, from the beginning to the end of party. As you can see, the program was very tight.
There were also some prizes (for example beautiful Amiga 2000) to win. The was only one problem: during the prize draw not all visitors were in the club... this should be somehow announced for all...
But if you couldn't win something, there was big chance to get autograph of Amiga's celebrities. Also there was no problem to speak with them. It was amazing for all and the biggest "rock star" of the meeting was unquestionably RJ Mical. And of course photos, all visitors were able to make photos with all stars.
When you were tired there was option to visit tent, see some old Amigas and new stuff in action. Also there was Petro with his Amiga Walker.

During so big event Amiga community get a lot of nostalgy, but also a lot of good news.

As I noticed mostly the audience was focused on old good times and the "classic Amiga stuff". So, beyond memories there was one king - Jeans with announcement: Amiga Reloaded! This is something big for all, even if you are focused on the NG systems. Project is based on AGA chipset, but I hope it some part will be upgraded more than Jens said, for example integrated scandoubler is must have! Whatever will happen it seems that we will have new classic Amiga in 2016.
NG stuff: Trevor announced X5000/20 available  from September, X5000/40 beta test from January and cancellation of X3500, because price is not so attractive comparing to X5000. I think (and I hope) more important is that, there will be two new hardware project in future. We don't know more... I can say we need Amiga laptop! Please. :)
Other interesting thing is news from Cloanto - Amiga Forever PPC. If there will be some improvements like: more memory it is good news for entry AmigaOS 4 users.
Hyperion showed new game Gorky 17 and recent beta AmigaOS 4.1 Also I was able to take a look on the AmigaOne X5000. Sadly, there was no internet browser so it's hard to say how it's working in "every day use".
On the event there was premiere of the Viva Amiga - 20 minutes of it. It was very impressive, the movie is well made and it has very emotional impact for Amiga community.
Last but not least, guests had opportunity to meet FriendOS: stuff based on ideas from AmigaOS connected with social life, sharing work, CPU power etc. An interesting invention. :)

To be short in words: it was must have to be there. I met a lot of Amiga creators and people connected with Amiga computers. I had opportunity to chat, take a photo or get an autograph (on my A2000 keyboard) from the most important guys on the Amiga scene. It was great time, nice weather and first time to stream such important event live on Periscope. A real highlight of the event for me was the opportunity to meet people and make contacts.

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