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FriendUP - beta - first impression

Few weeks ago I got access to preview version 0.1 of FriendUP. Now is available preview version 0.5. I will take you on the small tour through beta release (version 0.2 and 0.5).
To start using FriendUP we must login in your web browser.
I'm using Safari on OS X and "system" is working fast and well. The OS after "booting":
Graphical user interface is inspired by AmigaOS, at least it is similar in good way. GUI is simple and essential. On desktop there are "drives": Home (for user files), and System (for system files of course). 
Navigation is similar to all operating system, but mostly to AmigaOS. It is explained in this window:
and more, here:
Let's take a look what we have in FriendUP. Of course this is not finished version, so no everything is working. There are folder like Settings, Software (with some examples) and docs (like AmigaOS or OS X). At the bottom of desktop is list of opened windows. In my opinion is very nice solution, I can say I'm missing this in AmigaOS 4 and OS X as well. Very nice. :)
At the top of screen we have menu bar exactly like in AmigaOS and OS X. It is accessible with right mouse button.
Other menu options:

Very nice is it? :)

So as I said there are some applications, some are already installed, some we must install before first use. It's very simple and looks like this (example Software/BouncingBall) :
After installation application ready and starts in separate screen:
And you can quit through right mouse button and title bar:
Also there are drag-screens, one of the best AmigaOS feature:
Other demo (RseDemo), is also full screen app. I must admit that for now it's not possible quit from the full screen applications. Please remember that is very early access version of FriendUP. But graphics (also 3D) and music is working!
Demos are demos, what we have more? For example a 3D editor (3dTin). It shows how powerful are now the browser. Looks like it is possible to have really operating system in browser:
There is a multitasking (Minipaint, Sketchpad, Photopea - running at the same time):
Impressive isn't it? You can upload your files, for example:

Text can be edited using Author:
You can view images:
And change wallpaper:
There is "task manager", it is possible to close app:
We have a calendar app and player for music:
And there is a tracker (something like Protracker):
As a user, we can play some games, for example:
I am not a developer. I have shown only some basic stuff like apps and games. I'm sure there will come a lot of new features, like a web browser. As well a lot of features now are in very early state. But I am very optimistic. I started to write this blog entry on the version 0.1 and I could not keep up with the progress of the work from FriendUP's team. Good work!

Polish version of review is avalible through polish Mac magazine: Mój Mac Magazyn from Februar 2016.

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