piątek, 26 lutego 2016

AMIcast - Episode 10 - BigGun / Apollo Team / Vampire turbo

Welcome to 10th episode of AMIcast! Today we have special guest, member of Apollo Team, FPGA processor developer - BigGun - Gunnar von Boeh. This means we talk all about the hottest Amiga accelerator - Vampire II for A600.
My first impressions from Vampire II are on my blog entry: Vampire II Amiga 600 - first install.
It's also first episode made through telephone, so quality can be not the best, but it's worth to hear. We talk about Natami project, FPGA development, PowerPC development, AmigaOS 3.x as open source option and AROS Vision (for 68k). We also talk about Vampire features and updates, about version for Amiga 500 (and also possibilities for A1000, 2000 and CDTV) and about developing new software that can use new instructions implemented in FPGA.

The episode has a background music from VjDominion and at the end great song from Moby, from his album: Final Swap (Ludum Dare #31) - Battle Theme.


5 komentarzy:

  1. Ktoś to słuchał?
    Radziu się wysilił, czy było zwykłe lizanie d... bo to nie ppc?

  2. Apollo-team roxxx :)

  3. Fantastic interview with Gunnar! Well done! I'm so optimistic now. The Vampire is really a breath of fresh air. Waiting for A500 and A1200 models! :D

    1. It looks like Vampire indeed can be something new and refreshing for Amiga.

  4. I would like to know if you would have an NTSC version for Canada...I would love to have one for my A1000...