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Vampire II Amiga 600 vs Amiga 2000 with 060 - benchmarks - LightWave, SysSpeed

Few months ago I wrote an article for Amigazyn (Polish Amiga Magazine) with review and some benchmarks of the Vampire II. Few days ago we got a new updated Silver Core 7, so here we go. :)
  • I have updated result of Cinema 4D like it was suggested on the Apollo Forum. Go to the end of entry.
The benchmarks were made on my Amiga 600 with Vampire II (Silver Core 5/6), AmigaOS 3.9 and Boing Bag 2 and MUI 3.8. I have done the same test on my Amiag 2000 with Blizzard 2060/60 MHz and Picasso II+, Repulse and some more stuff, running on the AmigaOS 3.9 Boing Bag 4 (not official), MUI 4 with HSMathLibs for 060 and CyberPatcher. Graphics system for both is Picasso'96 2.0 and dataypes for pictures are WarpDT.

All tests were made using Silver Core 5/6 (and then 7) - this means FPU is missing for Vampire. For rendering tests I was forced to use LightWave 3.5 (the last one without FPU). This means A2000 is running all using FPU (full 060 power), and Vampire running all with out FPU.

As we know, Apollo Team is working hard, so updates are coming quite fast. First I show a results of Amiga 2000, then Vampire II with Silver Core 5/6 and at the end updated benchamarks for Silver Core 7. Benchmarks setup for SysSpeed is: Low, without external programs, P96Speed: graphics card resolution 640x480x8 bit. For LightWave I used benchmark scene made by Piotr 'Jubi' Zgodziński and for Cinema 4D v.4.2 I used ColourText.

SysSpeed / A2000

P96Speed / A2000
Cinema 4D / A2000

LightWave 3.5 / A2000

SysSpeed / A600 (Core 5/6)

P96Speed / A600 (Core 5/6)
Cinema 4D / A600 (Core 5/6)
LightWave 3.5 / A600 (Core 5/6)

SysSpeed / A600 (Core 7)

P96Speed / A600 (Core 7)
Cinema 4D / A600 (Core 7)
LightWave 3.5 / A600 (Core 7)

As we see, in benchmarks Vampire is amazing good. In everyday use my A600 like MP3, Video, Workbench, Internet etc. is very fast. But when we start to use typical FPU applications like: Cinema 4D or LightWave 68060 is unbeatable. The good news update of Silver Core from previous version gain us a performance. So we are waiting for FPU implementation and then we will make heavy tests again! Will be FPGA FPU faster than 68060?


There was a suggestion from Gunnar von Boehn on the Apollo Forum, that for a test I should use the same resolution. So Vampire runs on Workbench 800x600x16bit like it was on the A2000. The result is even even worse...


- #apollo-team (IRC)

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  1. Something is still wrong with your testing.

    Here is a comparison of Silver7 core vs 68080/80. Silver7 twice as fast on Cinema 4D.

  2. This means I have magic 68060? :) Are you using FPU version for 060 tests? Also try Lightwave.