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Vampire II Amiga 600 Gold Core Speed Test

So we have Gold Core for Vampire II. Very nice, but I'm a little bit upset... Where is my FPU?
Two months ago, I made a speed test between Vampire II with Silver Core 7 and my Amiga 2000 with Blizzard 2060/60 MHz Let's make an update.
There are some nice features after boot to Workbench, take a look:
and About window:
This means we don't need Boing Bag 2 updated anymore. But, benchmarks, what Gold Core makes?
Let's start from SysSpeed. I made test and you can see direct comparison to the Silver Core 7:
As we can see Gold is a little bit faster, but funny thing is that in MIPS is a little bit slower. What about real fight with 060 with FPU?
  • Cinema 4D - Gold Core: 42m 9sSilver Core 7: 44m 18s060/60 MHz: 29m 30s

  • LightWave 3.5 - Gold Core: 7h 11m 17s, Silver Core 7: 7h 21m 42s, 060/60 MHz: 1h 40m 3s

As we see, Gold Core is faster than Silver Core 7, but way slower than real 680060 with FPU... so what? Wait for FPU option in FPGA... or if you seriously using Classic Amiga buy 060.


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  1. MIPS is measured by NOP instruction, so therefore it is a useless measurement.

    1. For me, the best test is LightWave or Cinema 4D, because raytracing use heavily FPU.