czwartek, 20 kwietnia 2017

AMIcast - Episode 22 - Eric - fresh Amiga user!

Have you ever thought about new Amiga user? Are they existing? Fresh and new in Amiga(NG) community? Yes, there is at least one! My guest is Eric 'Slygon' (from and his first Amiga computer is AmigaOne X5000!
We are talking about his first computers. Why he loves Commodore machines? Why he hadn't an Amiga in 80's and 90's. And why he has AmigaOne now! There are topics about everyday use, software, beginner problem and if the retro wave can be important for AmigaNG. At least my guest says that we have a great community!

If you are interested in AmigaOne X5000, you should read my review.

At the end, the great song by Moby, from the album: Amiga Days (Remasters) - Volume 3 - Eagle.


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